Class Timetable *= space available



6.15am - Pilates* (restarts in Jan. 2020)

9am - Pilates*

10am - Pilates 

11am - Beginners Pilates*

1pm - Pilates

3.30pm - children's yoga (age 5-12)*

5.30pm - Pilates 

6.30pm - Pilates 

7.30pm - Pilates 

8.30pm - Pilates 


9am - Pilates*

10am - Postnatal Pilates (restarts Feb 2020)*

1pm - Pilates

5pm - Pilates*

6.30pm - Pilates for pregnancy*

7.30pm - Pilates

8.30pm - Pilates 


9am - Pilates  

10am - Pilates

11am - beginners Pilates

5pm - Vinyasa flow yoga with Hanna*

6pm - Pilates

6.50pm - Pilates

7.40pm - Pilates

8.30pm - CoreFit Pilates


9am - Pilates

10am - Pilates

1pm - Pilates*

2pm - Mum & Baby Pilates*

6.30pm - Pilates

7.30pm - Hatha yoga with Jenny

8.30pm - Pilates


9.15am - Hatha yoga with Jenny*

10.30am - Seasonal yoga with Heather*


10am - Vinyasa flow yoga with Hanna*


9.15am - Hatha yoga with Louise

10.30am - Hatha yoga with Louise*

5-6.15pm - Hatha yoga with Lily (suitable for beginners)*

6.30-7.45pm - slow restorative yoga with Lily*

Our usual timetable is not running at present.  We have a new timetable of online classes as follows:
Monday: 9.30am, 5.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm
Tuesday: 7.30pm (pregnancy Pilates)
Wednesday: 10am, 7.40pm
Thursday 9.30am, 2pm (Postnatal Pilates), 6.30pm, 8.30pm
Corefit: Wednesday 8.30pm
Hatha yoga: Thursday 7.30pm
Relax & Sing baby yoga & massage - Wednesday 1.45 for 2pm start - book here.
Please use our booking system to book a class (£7.50).  Please get in touch if you would like to book a class but are not able to use the booking system.  The online classes are run using Zoom so ahead of the class time you will need to sign up to Zoom on your laptop or desktop or download the Zoom app on your smart phone or tablet.  It is also worthwhile thinking about where you can set up your space so that the camera can see your mat long side on if possible. 
All online classes are suitable for all levels as long as you are generally pretty healthy.  If you have any health or mobility issues please get in touch or use the booking system to book a one-to-one online session so we can look at any modifications you might need.
The normal full timetable of classes that we will return to when the studio can reopen at Core is shown here.  Classes are usually booked in blocks - please use our booking system to see which classes have spaces and book a block enrollment.  Classes work out at £7.50 per class when block booked. There is also some availability for drop-in classes (£9) which can also be booked through our booking system.  
Please get in touch if you would like to book a class (either block or drop-in) but are not able to use the booking system.  
When you are attending a class here are some wee points to consider...
  • Please take your shoes off at the front bench and put them on the shoe rack before walking through into the studio
  • Please inform the instructor if you have any new aches/pains or health considerations
  • Remember to switch your mobile phone to silent while you are at class
  • You are welcome to bring your own mat to use or you can use the studio mats
  • Please wear socks for Pilates (grip sole socks are useful)
  • For yoga, grip sole socks or bare feet are recommended
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class time as waiting space is limited.  If the previous class is still running when you arrive please keep noise to a minimum to allow them to enjoy their last little bit of the class.
  • Please do give us feedback; it is really helpful to know what we are doing well and what we can improve on - we won't take offence! 

Please see our terms, conditions & privacy policy.  


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Tel: 07890618755


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