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Class Timetable *= space available



6.15am - Pilates* (restarts in Jan. 2020)

9am - Pilates 

10am - Pilates 

11am - Beginners Pilates*

1pm - Pilates

3.30pm - children's yoga (age 5-12)*

5.30pm - Pilates 

6.30pm - Pilates 

7.30pm - Pilates 

8.30pm - Pilates 


9am - Pilates*

10am - Postnatal Pilates (restarts Feb 2020)*

1pm - Pilates*

5pm - Pilates*

6.30pm - Pilates for pregnancy*

7.30pm - Pilates

8.30pm - Pilates 


9am - Pilates  

10am - Pilates

11am - beginners Pilates*

5pm - Vinyasa flow yoga with Hanna*

6pm - Pilates

6.50pm - Pilates

7.40pm - Pilates

8.30pm - CoreFit Pilates*


9am - Pilates

10am - Pilates

1pm - Pilates*

2pm - Mum & Baby Pilates*

6.30pm - Pilates

7.30pm - Hatha yoga with Jenny

8.30pm - Pilates*


9.15am - Hatha yoga with Jenny*

10.30am - Seasonal yoga with Heather*


10am - Vinyasa flow yoga with Hanna*


9.30am - yoga with Louise

10.35am - beginners Hatha yoga with Louise*

5-6.15pm - Hatha yoga with Lily (suitable for beginners)*

6.30-7.45pm - slow restorative yoga with Lily*

The full timetable of classes at Core is shown here.  Classes are usually booked in blocks - please use our booking system to see which classes have spaces and book a block enrollment.  Classes work out at £7.50 per class when block booked. There is also some availability for drop-in classes (£8.50) which can also be booked through our booking system.  
Please get in touch if you would like to book a class (either block or drop-in) but are not able to use the booking system.  
When you are attending a class here are some wee points to consider...
  • Please take your shoes off at the front bench and put them on the shoe rack before walking through into the studio
  • Please inform the instructor if you have any new aches/pains or health considerations
  • Remember to switch your mobile phone to silent while you are at class
  • You are welcome to bring your own mat to use or you can use the studio mats
  • Please wear socks for Pilates (grip sole socks are useful)
  • For yoga, grip sole socks or bare feet are recommended
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class time as waiting space is limited.  If the previous class is still running when you arrive please keep noise to a minimum to allow them to enjoy their last little bit of the class.
  • Please do give us feedback; it is really helpful to know what we are doing well and what we can improve on - we won't take offence! 

Please see our terms, conditions & privacy policy.  


Tel: 07890618755