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What sort of yoga class can I expect?

There are a few different styles of yoga taught at Core just now. The Hatha yoga classes include breath practice, warm-up type movement, sun salutation flow, some standing asana (postures) and some asana on the mat, relaxation and a short meditation.  Yoga for relaxation class consists of relaxation, breath practice, slower asana and stretch movements mainly mat based, finishing with relaxation and meditation.  Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing practice of slow, deep supported stretches, breath work, a long relaxation with blankets and warm lavender scented eye pillows, and finishing with meditation. Sunday Slow Flow is another deeply relaxing practice with slow moves, deep slow stretches, and a long relaxation again with blankets and lavender eye pillows. 



People do yoga for many different reasons and have a wide range of ability; we hope that everyone can find their own place in a class at Core.  If there is a specific element of yoga you would like included (e.g. meditation, chanting) please just get in touch.  



What is Yoga?

Yoga is a traditional Indian philosophy that involves the integration of the physical and spiritual in order to achieve a sense of well-being.  In yoga, the body is linked to the movement, mind and breath to bring about a feeling of balance, relaxation and harmony.  The physical asanas (postures) can improve a variety of ailments, strengthen and tone muscles and develop flexibility.  Some of the movements can help to nourish and cleanse parts of the body.  Psychologically, yoga increases concentration, stills the mind and promotes a feeling of balance, tranquillity and contentment.  Yoga differs in from Pilates in that Pilates focuses on the physical body whereas yoga includes the mental and spiritual aspects.


Who can do Yoga?

Yoga can be practised in some form by almost anyone.  The classes at Core at present can accommodate quite a range of abilities but there are some conditions that might prevent you being able to participate as fully in the class as you'd like.  For example, but not exclusively, high blood pressure that is not well controlled, heart problems, some back conditions, limited mobility.  It might be that one-to-one sessions would suit you better, or perhaps the yoga for relaxation class would suit.  If you are in any doubt then please just get in touch for some advice.

About the instructors
  • Jennifer Ainslie qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher with CYQ.  Hatha is a flexible style of yoga that can easily be modified to suit the individual.  She aims to provide yoga classes that include physical and relaxation elements; a treat for the mind and the body.  

  • Louise Haysom is also a Hatha yoga teacher.  She offers flowing yoga classes on Sunday mornings from Core.  

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