Yoga group classes at Core:


Yoga group classes at Core are restricted to a maximum of 6 clients per class to enable the instructor to tailor the class to the needs of the clients.  The yoga classes are suitable for all levels but if you have a specific medical condition, injury or requirement then please get in touch just so we can make sure the class will be suitable for you.  One-to-one or small group sessions are also available; if you have specific requirements they can often be better addressed in that setting.  The general classes will usually combine physical asanas, breathing practice and relaxation elements. 

There are a few different yoga instructors who run classes from Core:

  • Hatha yoga classes run by Jennifer Ainslie are on Monday 12 noon (gent;e/beginners), Tuesday 7.30pm and Friday 9.30am  These are available to book online here.  Classes can be modified to suit any ability so beginners are welcome.

  • Children's yoga classes (suitable for primary school age children) run by Alison Curran are on Mondays 4pm. Contact Alison on 07584357518 or to book a space.

Bring your own mat.  Wear clothing that is comfortable with a bit of stretch, socks with grip soles or bare feet are best.

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