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Massage appointments can be booked through the online booking system, by phone or email.  Payment is made at the appointment. 

We have 4 therapists working from Core: Jennifer Ainslie (DSM, DRSM), Fiona Scott-Ennis (DipAAM(S), DRSM, DARM), Rebecca Huxtable (DSM), and Tracey Reid (MAR). Jennifer specialises in deep tissue and remedial massage and is passionate about supporting women through the pregnancy and postnatal period using specific pregnancy and postnatal massage skills.  She also does Swedish, relaxation and hot stones massage.  Both Jennifer and Fiona do massage for cancer care.  Fiona specialises in clinical aromatherapy with a fabulous slavic massage style, and sports and remedial massage with an equestrian slant, as well as offering Swedish and relaxation massage. Rebecca does Swedish, relaxation and hot stones massage and deep tissue massage as well as Indian Head massage. Tracey provides reflexology, Indian Head massage and Reiki.

Massage, Reiki & reflexology are £55 for an hour appointment (or £45 for a 45 minute appointment where that is an option).  Hot stone massage and our signature massage treatments using Neals Yard oils (eg winter warmer massage) are £60 for an hour appointment.

Just get in touch with Core if you have any questions.

A bit about the styles of massage offered at Core... 


Swedish massage: A holistic, therapeutic massage that mobilises muscle tissues and helps to reduce muscular pain and swelling, balance body systems, reduce stress and anxiety, aid relaxation, improve sleep and boost immune system.

Relaxation massage: Focusing on relaxing the body, this treatment is soothing and nurturing and leaves you with a deep sense of calm.

Sports, remedial or deep tissue massage: This deep-tissue massage treatment involves the skilled, manual, therapeutic application of soft tissue manipulative techniques, which are selected and performed after careful consultation, recording of medical history and appropriate general and specific assessments. This massage is best suited to treatment of specific conditions or injuries (e.g. chronic neck/shoulder tension, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, other joint pain, etc), sports performance enhancement or rehabilitation. Sports & remedial massage helps to: reduce muscular pain and tension, improve joint function, normalise and improve muscle tone and promote relaxation, and has therapeutic effects on the body systems.

Hot stone massage: This is a deeply relaxing but powerful massage using warmed smooth basalt stones to induce a state of deep relaxation and spiritual well-being. It allows muscles and tendons to loosen faster thus enabling more relief from muscle pain and spasm, stimulates and rebalances the body systems and promotes self-healing, helps to detoxify the body, gently and slowly elevates body temperature, helps to increase the body's energy reserves...and feels lovely!

Clinical aromatherapy slavic massage: Slavic massage is one of the oldest, truest forms of classical aromatherapy left in existence. This truly deeply and relaxing and hypnotic massage is created by gentle stretching, smooth flowing rhythmical, circular, diagonal and figure of eight movements, combined with warm cleansing and fresh essential oils blended specifically for each individual client. It seems deceptively simple but is highly effective. It induces deep mental and physical relaxation, gently allowing the muscular system to de-stress and allows the body to fully relax. The benefits of this type of massage are multi-faceted, the physical effects on the circulation and lymphatic system are well known. With Slavic there is also a marked improvement in the micro-circulation, improving skin tone and nourishing cells. Also, the specific oils used and blended for each individual client will increase the nutrition and lubrication to the skin leaving it with a healthy glow. The deeply relaxing and gentle stretching involved in the treatment is ideal for easing out the joints and reducing discomfort, in particular in the elderly clients and those with arthritis.

Pregnancy massage: A deeply nurturing, relaxing experience which is designed to ease away pregnancy related aches and pains while enabling the mum-to-be to sink into a peaceful, relaxed state. It is tailored entirely to your needs and your stage in pregnancy and can help to treat more pregnancy-specific issues (e.g ribcage/back/ pelvis pain, oedema, carpal tunnel, etc.).  Benefits of pregnancy massage include:

  • Promote relaxation and better sleep

  • Reduce oedema and blood pressure, relieve varicose veins, increase circulation

  • Helps to balance body systems

  • Helps develop flexibility and body awareness to help during birth

  • Can help towards a shorter, less painful, childbirth with fewer interventions

Postnatal massage: Similarly to pregnancy massage, postnatal massage is a nurturing, relaxing experience tailored entirely to your needs. Postnatal massage can help to: give emotional support, alleviate muscle strain, promote pelvic floor healing, rebalance the spine and pelvis, restore and normalise abdominal structures, help C-section healing, restore normal walking patterns, prevent and reduce back and neck pain caused by newborn care, and can aid breastfeeding. Baby is welcome to come too.

Massage for cancer care: Gentle massage suitable for people who currently have or who are recovering from, cancer. This treatment relaxes and provides some relief from muscle aches and tension with a focus on ensuring the massage has beneficial effects and does not cause any unwelcome side effects as too vigorous a massage may do.  Training for this was through the Iris Cancer Partnership.


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